About Us

Chloran Chemical Production Co. (CCPC Group) has been established with %100 investment at private section in 1983 in Semnan industrial zone in an area of 22,000 m2 and was put into operation in 1996. At present, by its eleven stages of development projects in an area of more than 240,000 m2g CCPC could increase its production capacity up to 300 Mt/D of liquid chlorine. With more than 40 years of brilliant experience in chlor-alkali industry at private section in Iran, CCPC is considered as a leading company in production and trade in an international level and is following its accomplishments as well as its developing strategic thoughts and ideas with regards to balanced approach and sustainable development in the entire supply and production chain. Relying on its leading and innovative technologies and supplying a wide range of services to varieties of industries, CCPC plays a key role in everyday life of human being by producing and supplying necessary sources for implementing reliable strategies of chlor-alkali industry.

CCPC group, as one of the highest quality producers of chlorine and its derivatives, while presenting its products at a level beyond the standards, by obtaining the export license required for its products to be exported to most countries of the world, has entered into the international markets and consequently in recent years it has become one of the major exporters of chlor-alkali products in the country CCPC Knowledge-based Company with a strong belief in the knowledge-based approach, as the most important element in increasing competitiveness and business development as well as the development of knowledge of the chlor-alkali industry pursues the innovation and continuous improvement based on its scientific principles and using the valuable human being capitals and based on its strategic plans, leads a leading organization in all organizational dimensions