About Us

Chloran Chemical Production Co. (CCPC) was put into operation since 1983, with %100 private investment, in Industrial Zone of Semnan province, I.R. Iran. CCPC began its activity as the first private company producing chlorine and its derivatives with the benefit of modern technology in the Chlor-Alkali industry.                    
Currently our Company, with the development of three projects, is the largest Iranian producer in the private sector of Chlor-Alkali industry for supplying raw materials for detergent industries, cosmetics, water and waste-water treatment companies, power plants, pulp and paper plants, petrochemical industries as well as oil and gas industries.    
Using the Electrolysis Technology, nowadays CCPC products are known as the best quality raw materials to produce detergents, bleaches and cosmetics materials.           
High quality and planning to ensure timely and satisfactory products are amongst our most important task priorities. With a careful planning and product delivery on a certain day or hour, our esteemed customers benefit timely service delivery, reduces the costs ofstorage and hence coordination problems related to timely supplying of raw materials so as per loss of quality materials due to prolonged storage thatmay be minimized.       
Leaning to its three decades of experience in production and by the support of its personnel expertise and commitment, CCPC Group could not only develop its products’ quality and quantity, but could establish ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO10002, OHSAS18001, ISO/IEC17025 systems as well as membership in World Business System (SEDEX), World system of IQ Net and also acquiring certification from Iran National Qualification Approval as the cooperate laboratory, acquiring certification of laboratory qualification on the basis of ISO17025, acquiring Iran Standard Org. certification of cooperate laboratory qualification for the regular inspection and test of Chlorine tanks and cylinders and acquiring obligatory and encouraging standards and health certifications for all its products.